FairKind Rewards Terms & Conditions

FairKind Rewards has been set up as our way to gift our wonderfully educational products to local nurseries, preschools and other childcare providers.

We want to keep this reward scheme very simple for members to minimise any hassle/effort it takes for them to benefit from these free rewards from our shop, so there are no loyalty cards or vouchers to remeber, we can care of it all! Hopefully you will agree our terms & conditions for joining FairKind Rewards are equally very simple, as detailed below:

  1. Anyone can nominate a local nursery, preschool or any other childcare provider to receive free rewards from FairKind Child. Nominating via our website triggers a welcome email to the childcare provider, inviting them to register to join our reward scheme. They need to be registered members with us to be able to redeem any of their reward points.
  2. You can nominate a childcare provider online at www.fairkindchild.co.uk/nursery-preschool-rewards-scheme.
  3. A childcare provider can alternatively register themselves as members of FairKind Rewards online at www.fairkindchild.co.uk/nursery-preschool-rewards-scheme/registration
  4. To become a member of our free rewards scheme, you must be:
    EITHER registered with Ofsted as a childcare provider or early years education provider (primary schools are welcome to join!)
    OR a non-profit family service offering parent & baby/child play groups (council owned children’s centres and volunteer run stay & play groups etc are welcome to join!)
  5. Your childcare setting must operate within Horsham, West Sussex and the surrounding area. (we will Google you to double check!)
  6. Once registered with our reward scheme, points are earned for your childcare setting whenever a customer nominates you to receivee reward points based on their spend. 1 point is awarded for every £1 spent in our Horsham store. Online purchases from our website do not qualify for reward points.
  7. ANY of our customers can donate their reward points to ANY of our registered members. (No you don’t have to have a child attending the nursery you are nominating, so send in those grandparents, friends & family to help your nursery build up their points quicker!)
  8. Reward points can be exchanged as full or part payment toward any products available in our shop. Some sale items and made-to-order products may be exempt at our discretion.
  9. Reward points have no cash value and can be only be exchanged for products in our shop or available to order through our suppliers.
  10. Reward points will have a minimum exchange value of 1p per point, up to a max 10p per point on promoted products each month. (Members will receive an update email every 1-3 months with our latest offers)
  11. To redeem their points, registered members of FairKind Rewards will need to email us on info@fairkindchild.co.uk or visit our Horsham shop (with ID to prove their entitlement) to select which products they would like to claim as their free rewards.
  12. If they don’t have enough reward points to make a full purchase, points can be used as part payment and the balance of the product will be discounted in line with our usual trade discounts available to local childcare businesses schools & charities.
  13. Reward points will be valid for up to 2 years and we will prompt members to spend their points regularly before they expire, but the responibility is with the childcare provider to make use of their points in time.
  14. We reserve the right to change or cancel the FairKind Rewards scheme at any time and will inform our registered members of the scheme with any changes we need to make.