Deep in the Whispering Woods: An Imagination Journal for for Storytellers

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This is a book to take with you on adventures or daydreamy wanders.  The pages of this journal are bursting with creative ideas and storytelling prompts to inspire you to get outside and experience the world through your imagination.

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Deep In The Whispering Woods: An Imagination Journal For Storytellers – Written by Holly Staniford and Illustrated by Sophie Johnson-Hill

A wonderful story-writing companion for aspiring young writers, focused on using the outdoors as inspiration for stories. This book demonstrates how to use natural resources to kindle creativity, trigger story ideas and encourage children to create original stories, sparked by their outdoor experiences.

Included within are 6 wonderful short stories written by young children, inspired by the whispering woods.

Released 21st June 2021
A5 paperback.
160 pages.
ISBN: 978-1-9998758-2-4