Plastic Free & Eco Friendly Party ware pack for 8 guests

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Love parties, hate waste? Us too!
That’s why we’ve been working hard to put together this PLASTIC FREE party ware pack!

From compostable cups & cutlery, to palm leaf platters and bio-degradable bowls, this set gives you everything you need for a guilt free party. Every little bit is compostable – Even the packaging it comes in – And when the party’s over, everything can be thrown out in your food waste bin. Our pack even includes two 30 litre food waste bin bags and a cardboard tray to take your leftovers home! That’s one seriously simple clean-up operation.

Need plates & cutlery for more than 8 guests? You can buy each of these items in individual packs of 8 too! See the rest of our party products here.

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Our 100% compostable eco friendly party ware packs contain the following:

1 x Palm Leaf Platter
2 x Palm Leaf Square Serving Plates
8 x Sugar Cane Plates
8 x Sugar Cane Bowls
8 x Knives (Compostable CPLA)
8 x Forks (Compostable CPLA)
8 x Spoons (Compostable CPLA)
8 x Teapoons (Compostable CPLA)
8 x 9oz Cups (Compostable PLA)
8 x Straws (Compostable Bioplastic)
20 x Napkins (Sustainably sourced & eco-bleached without chlorine)
2 x 30 ltr Food waste bin bags
1 x Cardboard food tray & box



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Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 45 × 31 × 9 cm