Eco Warriors Flash Cards Game

£ 14.95

This wonderful bag made from recycled materials contains 20 Warrior Cards each one designed to inspire children to have fun when doing chores whilst also learning about how these actions can save the planet.

The pouch can be used as a treasure bag to collect little treasures on forest walks


These brilliant pouches are handmade in the UK by Julia, a talented seamstress who specialises in up-cycling. Julia is also a small business owner Buttons, bobbins & beads.whats better than owning or gifting and item that’s been handmade and what’s better than using fabrics that would have otherwise end in the landfill?

Julia’s¬† business Buttons, bobbins & beads was born from her twin passions of crafting and saving the planet.
She trys to only use  recycled/recyclable packaging and am always looking at ways to make her work more environmentally friendly, working towards a goal of zero waste.