Rowdy Kind Hair & Everywhere Bar for Kids, Spilled Milk, 108g

£ 10.00

Accidents happen and often make for the best discoveries. No matter how messy learning got, you
can lather it off with Spilled Milk. Don’t worry, there’s no dairy; we lightly scented our vegetable-
based Hair & Everywhere Bar with organic lemon-lime essential oils. Much like growing children (and
some parents) dirt can be stubborn, which is why we added whole oat flecks to really scrub-a-dub-
dub in the tub — exfoliating skin so that it glows as it grows.
We find our locally-make bars are about equal to two bottles of liquid. Plus, we use plastic-
free packaging and our low-Ph formula has no parabens, preservatives or PEGs. What it does have is

moisturisers and conditioners, soothing aloe vera and non-irritating cleansers so that skin that isn’t
grown-up yet stays baby soft, while still getting super clean.

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Rowdy Kind Spilled Milk Hair & Everywhere Bar is proud to give you:

  • Plastic free Hair & Everywhere bar for Kids with whole oat flecks to really scrub-a-dub-dub in
    the tub
  • Vegan-friendly, no parabens, preservatives or PEGs to be gentle for kids skin
  • 1 bar = 2 plastic bottles
  • Locally made
  • Don’t worry, there’s no dairy, and we lightly scented our vegetable-based Hair & Everywhere Bar with organic lemon-lime essential oils.

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