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Painted Hanging Eggs Activity

A great Easter holiday activity to do with children. Get creative and have fun!

  1. Choose some eggs. These can be chicken eggs, duck or even goose eggs! Regular eggs you have at home work perfectly well.
  2. Using a drawing pin carefully make a hole in both ends of the egg. You can make a small hole and gently pick away a little more shell – they holes don’t need to be very big. By making the hole at the bottom end of the egg first I’ve found the egg won’t start coming out whilst you make the hole at the narrow top end!
  3. Hold the egg with the narrow top end down, over a bowl. Gently place your mouth over the other end of the egg and blow! The content will come out of the other end and into your bowl!
  4. Continue above until you have as many egg shells as you want to paint. You can use the actual egg to make an omelette or cake.
  5. Wash out the egg shells and dry them. They are much sturdier than you think, but still take care.
  6. You can hold the shells to paint them or place the egg shells onto thin sticks or knitting needles. Balance or sellotape the knitting needle on two mugs to make it easier to paint.
  7. Paint with bright spring colours or some fun designs!
  8. Tie a piece of string tightly around half a match stick and drop it into the egg, it will lodge it there and then you can hang your egg to dry.
  9. Hang your beautifully decorated eggs on an Easter tree or in the garden!

Our Tiny Land paints would be perfect for painting these eggs!