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Why Fairtrade?


What is “Fairtrade”?

Fairtrade ensures that the production of goods is fair and kind to those throughout the manufacturing process. By working with farmers and crafts people Fairtrade ensures that they get paid properly for their time, energy and skills. This in turn allows them to afford to live a decent life and provide for their family. Empowerment of producers is at the core of Fairtrade’s work as they make sure that they have an equal voice.

This video explains the chain of production and why Fairtrade makes a difference.


How does something get Fairtrade mark?fairtrade

This Fairtrade mark appears on products when any ingredient within it that can be Fairtrade is. If only one ingredient, such as the cocoa, is Fairtrade then you may see a slightly different mark – like the one below. Fairtrade standards are independently checked by the Fairtrade Foundation to ensure that all within the chain, from farmer to shelf, are following the correct policies.



Why is it more expensive?

Fairtrade products may have a higher price tag than corporate company products. This is because Fairtrade program’s put policies and standards in place to support farmers to earn a decent wage as well as communities benefitting from Fairtrade premiums. This money enables individual families to live in better conditions and funds safe water supplies, education and healthcare. By buying a Fairtrade product, not only will you have a wonderful gift for yourself but you will also have helped others around the world to experience fairness and kindness.

Fairtrade products at FairKind Child

Everything stocked at FairKind Child is either Fairtrade, ethically made and sourced or handmade locally in Sussex. Many of our wooden toys and games are Fairtrade, supplied by Lanka Kade. Some of the most popular include our alphabet dragons and alphabet dinosaur puzzles, wooden farm animals and wooden wild animals.

To learn more about Fairtrade you can visit the Fairtrade Foundations website.

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Celebrate Easter with FairKind Child

vegan easter chocolate gifts

Easter is a time to celebrate spring arriving and the joy of eating chocolate!

FairKind Child is going to be taking part in the Great Horsham Easter Bunny Hunt.  Hosted by The Rotary Club of Horsham and local businesses throughout Horsham town, the fun will run from Friday March 30th to Sunday April 15th. We’re excited to be involved in this event as a part of the Horsham community and we look forward to welcoming children and parents on the hunt for Easter treasure.

In our shop you will find our range of vegan and allergy friendly chocolates including So Free chocolate bunnies (vegan, gluten free), Plamil mini half eggs (vegan, gluten free, sugar free, nut free), Ponchito chocolate eggs (gluten free, Fairtrade) with a surprise inside and Playin Choc boxes (contains two tablets of organic chocolate with a three piece toy animal and information card – vegan, no refined sugar, gluten free, soy free). And for the grown ups there are Vego Fine nougat pralines and the irresistably morish Sweet Freedom Choc Shot & Choc Pot – suitable for kids and adults.

We also have a variety of spring gifts, from colourful rabbit rattles and rabbit coloured rattles to children’s backpacks, ideal for adventures in nature and collecting treasures.

vegan easter chocolate gifts

Newly stocked in store are our felt sheets and felt balls, alongside our stationary range they are perfect for craft projects over the half term.

colourful felt easter craft

We look forward to your visits, whether you are on a bunny hunt or looking for a chocolate treat!