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She Dreams

Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash

She carries, she comforts, she cleans
She feeds and she feeds and she dreams

Just one minute alone for my thoughts,
Just one minute, just me, just a book
Just a warm cup of tea and a soak
Just a face mask, some bubbles, no noise
No wake up call before dawn,
No hands round my ankles.
She yawns

She hears her name called once again.
I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I’m scared.

She cooks and she cleans and she sighs
She does it with love, but she hides
in the toilet for an extra few breaths.
She breathes out. Back to the mess.

She bakes and she sings and they scream
I’m not eating, you’re ugly, he’s mean
and she fixes, she heals, she blows
kisses on sore heads and toes.

She tucks into bed and she reads.
She’s so tired but she turns off her needs.
She cleans as she worries and checks
into rashes and bruises and what’s best
for their future, that’s so far away.
She juggles but she gets through each day

She drops off, she picks up, she waits.
She does listen, she just sometimes forgets
appointments, rehearsals, sports teams,
school meetings, world book day themes.

They run and they break things,
She screams.
She makes threats she will never mean
She looks in the mirror and sees
new lines she has no time to cream

She wonders
Am I still Me

They play and they laugh and they moan
She feels more love than she’s known
They hug and they fight and they test
She knows of all years, these are best

She cleans and she feeds them. They grow.
And they grow
And they’re grown,
And they’re gone.

Now she cooks and she cleans just for two
She looks forward to those weekends,
So few

She baths and she reads and drinks tea.
She enjoys all her new luxuries.
She remembers, she smiles, she longs
for those short years,
that then felt so long


Trish Fitzroy
June 2020

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Free things to do with children in Horsham!

free things to do with children in horsham

We have put together a list of free things to do with children in Horsham. Spaces that are great to go for a day out or a visit where children can play, learn and have fun without breaking the bank! The title of each place links to their information website where you can find opening times and addresses.

Horsham Park

Great green space in the centre of Horsham, a short walk from most parts of town including the Carfax and the train station. The park has a pond, where you can visit and feed the ducks and swans, lots of open grassy space, flowers and a play park. Most the paths are perfect for pushchairs and bikes. There is a cafe on site.

Image result for horsham park

Horsham Museum

Horsham museum and gallery has a wide selection to offer. They have activities specifically for children, including items for dressing up and playing games. Upstairs is a section of old children’s toys and costumes, which children may enjoy. As well as many facts about dinosaurs and dinosaur fossils found in Horsham!

Southwater Country Park

Southwater Country Park is a wonderful resource for local families, whilst there is a small charge for parking (£3 for the day), entry is free. The park boasts a beach, a dinosaur trail and fantastic play park. The park is accessible for pushchairs, wheelchairs and children are allowed to cycle. There is a cafe on site and watersports activities centre where you can hire boats.

Image result for horsham park

Leechpool and Owlbeech Wood

A fantastic woods for exploring and a rambling walk. Spot wildlife and become familiar with the trees. There is a winding river running through the woods. A number of the paths are pushchair and bike friendly, a popular dog walking spot.

The play parks of Horsham District

This document lists all 50+ parks in Horsham district! Encouraging free, creative and energetic play.

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Visiting a new baby and their parents

New baby gifts

Are you going to visit a new baby and their parents?

When a baby arrives in a family, visitors are always keen to meet them and shower them with love! Whilst this is always appreciated by the new parents, there are other things too that they may be incredibly grateful for. Here is a list of suggestions for what new parents REALLY need when you visit them and their new bundle of joy!

Practical support

Parents with a new baby are often so busy caring for them and trying to fit in sleep that looking after themselves goes down the list. Rather than being the visitor who sits on the sofa cuddling the baby whilst mum is making tea, why not make the tea and do the washing up whilst the kettle boils? Or, ask if there is anything you can pick up from the shops on your way? Perhaps that pack of nappies or a loaf of bread will save the day.

Other ideas: Put the laundry on to wash or dry, or fold it up. Cook up a bolognese for their dinner or even bring along a ready prepared meal, plus an extra portion for the freezer. Sweep the kitchen. Take the rubbish out as you leave.


Sleep is so often in short supply when you’re a new parent! Don’t be surprised if a mum is still in pyjamas when you visit and dad doesn’t know what time of day it is! Something you could offer to do is sit with the baby, giving them a cuddle, so parents can have a nap. This way the parents can be guaranteed an hour or two of uninterrupted sleep – they may even wake to find a meal prepared and the floor mopped!

new baby gifts


A listening ear

Bringing a baby into the world can take a lot of hard work and may have been a stressful experience for the parents. Talking about this experience may be something that the parents want to do. However, some birth experiences can be difficult to talk about so approach this with sensitivity and without judgement.

It’s not just about the baby!

A new baby is a wonderful thing and parents will often tell anyone who will listen all about them, down to the latest nappy contents! However, don’t forget that parents are still themselves too. Maybe offer to talk about something other than the baby! We stock expectant mum and new mum hamper’s in FairKind Child. These hampers are perfect for pampering – we have various to offer and products include a handmade cotton scarf, magnesium flakes or magnesium spray, Pukka Motherkind Pregnancy tea and Pukka Motherkind Baby tea, and Rio Rosa Mosqueta skincare Rosehip Discovery set!


Feeding your newborn baby is a frequent task. If the baby is having a feed whilst you are there a great way to help is to offer to get a drink and snacks for whoever is doing the feed, as they may be sat for a while.  Some Pukka MotherKind tea and vegan nougat pralines from FairKind Child might hit the spot perfectly!

So there you have some tips… After you have bought a beautiful Organic cotton baby vest and crocheted octopus at Fair Kind Child, go grab your pan of soup and take that along to meet the new baby and exhausted parents!


Here are some perfect gifts for a newborn baby and their parents you will find online and in-store at FairKind Child

new baby gifts