Tonie Library

The FairKind Tonie Library has Opened!

Creative Tonie Sweetheart

Join our popular Tonie Library for access to our full catalogue of Content Tonies. With 100+ Tonies to choose from and new releases every month, our library gives you the very best of Tonies without the cost of buying them all yourself!

Membership to our Tonie Library is charged at £5.50 per month and allows you to borrow up to 3 Tonies at a time.

Visit our Tonie Library in store to swap your Tonies as regularly as you like, or hold on to each of your borrowed Tonies for up to 1 month!

Click on the Library Card below to register now…

The Details:


  1. Our Tonie Library operates on a rolling monthly membership with no minimum term.
    The monthly fee is £5.50 and is charged by monthly direct debit from the date of your first payment.
  2. Our Tonie Library runs from our Horsham shop only. We don’t have any provision to offer this to our online customers – Sorry!
  3. New members may borrow 1 Tonie at a time for their first 2 months (You can swap your borrowed Tonie as often as you like throughout the month!)
    From your 3rd month of library membership, your borrowing allowance increases to 2 Tonies at a time giving you double the storytelling fun!
    And from your 5th month your borrowing limit increases again to 3 Tonies on loan at a time!
  4. Swap your borrowed Tonies as frequently as you like, or keep hold of them for the whole month if you prefer!
    We do require members to swap their Tonies at least monthly to get the most benefit from the library and to keep the library collection varied for other borrowers!
  5. When you borrow a Tonie your little one would love to keep, library members also benefit from extra discounts on the full range of Tonie boxes, accessories and characters we have available to buy in our shop. This discount is at least 10% off the full RRP, but discounts may vary according to the current offers we have available from Tonies, so remember to show us your library card when you shop in-store to get the very best Tonie deals!
  6. Damage & Breakages:
    Tonie Characters are robust little gadgets, but we understand accidents sometimes happen. We would hope our little library borrowers will take care of our Tonies as they do their own. If damage or breakages do occur, please let us know as soon as possible and return the Tonie to us with all the broken parts included.We hold the right to cancel any Tonie Library memberships if damages or breakages become regular or are caused by lack of care for our products.
  7. Lost Tonies
    Any lost Tonies will need to be paid for by the library member before they will be allowed to borrow any more Tonies.The first Tonie lost by any member will be charged at 70% of the current RRP. Any subsequent lost Tonies will be charged at the full RRP and if losses become regular, we hold the right to cancel library membership at our discretion.
  8. Cancellation
    You are free to cancel your membership at any time by contacting us or cancelling your direct debit through your bank. Once cancelled, your membership will remain active for the rest of the current period until the next monthly payment would be due.
    Please cancel your membership at least 5 working days before your next direct debit payment is due, as we cannot stop payments being collected once submitted to your bank.
    If cancellation requests are received less than 5 working days before your next payment due date and payment is collected, your Tonie Library membership will remain active for another month and will end at the next payment due date.
  9. All Tonies borrowed through our Tonie Library service remain the property of FairKind Ltd.